by Jozef Smits.


After the publication of the genealogies SMITS (1977), FAES I (1983), FAES II (1984), VAN DER KE(I)LEN I (1992), VAN DER KE(I)LEN II (1997) the author brings a new family history for the interested reader. This 6th work is devoted to his daughter-in-law Els Oliviers.

Th oldest Oliviers we could retrieve in fact is a Jean Olivier and lived at Montrottier (30 km West of Lyon-France) in the early 1600's. About 1730 Pierre Olivier came to Roosbeek near Tienen (Brabant). He is the ancestor of most Oliviers from branch I, we could retrace.

Our research in the State Archives at Brussels and Hasselt and in the City Archive of Louvain lead to the composition of three parts:

Part I: The Oliviers branch from Lyon (France), who moved via Roosbeek (Boutersem) to the Antwerp region. Present descendants are concentrated in the towns of Hove, Boechout, Mortsel and Lint.

In Part II we treat the branch "Herk-de-Stad" (Limburg). Most Oliviers living in the Tienen (Brabant) area (Hoeleden, Linter) are descendants from this branch.

Part III treats the branch with origin in Rillaar (Brabant) where the oldest ancestor could be retraced in 1600. Decendants from this branch still live in the Rillaar area, but some came to the Antwerp region (Wilrijk, Niel).

The content is not limited to the simple quoting of names and dates, but describes the daily live of our ancestors as we could discover it in the aldermen's and notary records, with happy but also sad stories. It consists of 113 pages (DIN A4) and 30 illustrations, 16 of which in full colour.

An index on the surnames (without Oliviers) completes the work. The complete index (including Oliviers this time) is available on this site.

A few copies are left. Please enquire via email at the address below.

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